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Gallery 2. Sinan Shipwreck

In Exhibition Room 2 of the Sinan shipwreck are displayed commodities, trade goods and parts of the shipwreck from underwater excavations. The excavation was initiated by an accidental discovery of Chinese ceramic wares by a fisherman off the waters of Jeungdo Island, Sinan County in 1975. The wreck was named after the region where it was found. The underwater excavation was conducted 11 times over a nine-year period from 1976 throughout 1984. The excavation revealed that the Sinan ship was a Chinese trading vessel destined for Japan.

  • In 1323, a sip raised its sails in the Chinese port of Qingyuan
  • Treasures of the Sinan Shipwreck
  • Another commodity ; goods for Asian everyday living
  • Voyage and sinking: telling stories about its unfinished journey

Photo Exhibition

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Main Collection

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  • Sinan Shipwreck
  • Sinan Shipwreck (Reconstruction Mdel)
  • Wooden tag with third year of Zhizhi 至治三年inscription
  • Wooden tag with Tohokuji 東福寺inscription
  • Bronze weight inscribed with Qingyuanlo 慶元路
  • eladon vase decorated with dragon-fish
  • Celadon ribbed jar
  • Celadon dish decorated with dragon in relief
  • White porcelain gourd-shaped bottle with dotted
  • Black glazed bowl
  • Silver gu
  • Bronze bottle with two handles decorated with wave and taotie (monster mask) designs
  • Coins
  • Rosewood
  • Pepper