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Stoneware Jar


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Original name
Korea / Goryeo Dynasty
Chungcheongnam-do Taean-gun
Food - Tableware - Food - Bottle
Ceramic - Others
Height : 33.1 cm, Diameter (mouth) : 11.2 cm, Diameter (bottom) : 16.6 cm
Mado 2139
Taean National Maritime Museum(Exhibition Room 1)
This bottle stood upright on the starboard side of the third compartment. The inner and outer surface are dark brownish gray with reddish yellow-colored inside. Despite some stone tempers included, the clay is refined. The bottom of the outer surface and the upper shoulder show weak patterns of beating and lattice. On the inner surface, there are shallow horizontal patterns by the potter’s hands while spinning the wheel. However, the pressure was not enough to form unevenness on the outer surface. Traces of concentric pattern engraved by inner-supporting anvil are found at the bottom before the horizontal patterns were made. It contained a wooden lid (Mado 3-177), a small amount of grain and seed, and brassware materials.
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도기 항아리 이미지
도기 항아리 이미지
도기 항아리 이미지