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The Mokpo National Maritime Museum is a leading national maritime history museum where visitors can feel and experience Korea's maritime history and culture. Visitors will be able to see the seaside view and traditional ships upon arrival. Also, there are 4 permanent exhibition halls, a special exhibition hall, and an experience hall for children. Two or three special and themed exhibitions are held every year. Exhibitions of various topics are held in the special exhibition hall, and new exhibition designs are always being shown within the exhibition space.

*More details can be found on the homepage of the National Research Institute of Maritime Cultural Heritage

Visitor Information

  • ClosedMondays Opening Hours09:00 ~ 18:00 (Admission Hours : 09:00 ~ 17:00) AdmissionFree Informatin Desk Phone+82-61-270-3001 Parking LotsParking Lot 1 : Buses Only (Free / Capacity: approx. 15 vehicles at a time)
    Parking Lot 2 : Cars Only (Free / Capacity: approx. 50 vehicles at a time)
Getting Here

  • Location Address136, Namnong-ro, Mokpo, Jeonnam, 58699, Republic of KOREA. Inquiry+82)61-270-3001
  • Route By car▪︎ via West Coast Expressway → West Seoul IC → Mokpo (4 hours)
    ▪︎ Gyeongbu - Honam - West Coast Expressway : Yangjae IC → Jeongeup IC → West Coast Expressway Seonunsa IC → Mokpo City
    By train▪︎ KTX : Seoul ↔ Mokpo 8 round trips daily (3 hours 30 minutes)
    ▪︎ Mugunghwa·Saemaeul : Mokpo , 10 round trips daily(5 hours)
    By express busSeoul ↔ Mokpo , 24 round trips daily (4 hours 30 minutes) AirportMUAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Tel. 1661-2626
  • City Bus in Mokpo From Mokpo Station# 15 : Mokpo Station → Samhakdo → Gatbawe Station(National Research Institute of Maritime Cultural Heritage) From Mokpo Intercity
    Bus Terminal
    # 15 : Mokpo Intercity Bus Terminal → Mokpo Station → Samhakdo → Gatbawe Station
    From Mokpo Passenger Ship Terminal# 7 : Mokpo Intercity Bus Terminal → Mokpo City Hall → Hadang → Gatbawe Station
  • Taxi in Mokpo From Mokpo Station(about 20 minutes) From Mokpo Intercity Bus Terminal(about 20 minutes) From Mokpo Passenger Ship Terminal(about 25 minutes)