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Celadon Pillow with Inlaid Peony and Chrysanthemum Design


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Original name
Korea / Goryeo Dynasty
Chungcheongnam-do Taean-gun
Shelter - Daily supplies/household items - Bedding - Pillow
Ceramic - Celadon
Height : 6.7-7.3 cm, Length : 17.4-18.0 cm, Width : 5.6 cm
Mado 2766
Taean National Maritime Museum(Exhibition Room 2)
This is a celadon pillow in its intact shape. The body is rectangular, and the spot where a head is placed is concave. Each of the end has a round hole. The front is inlaid of patterns, the rim is decorated with bead patterns, and the body is adorned with chrysanthemum pattern. The ends are also decorated with bead patterns in their rim, the round holes are encircled with lines, and each of the four corner has a chrysanthemum. The light blue glaze covers all the body, with some tiny cracks. The clay is gray and relatively refined. One of the sides is grayish white as the glaze was not properly melted. There are traces at the four corners where thick silica stone supports were placed during firing.
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청자 모란 국화무늬 베개 이미지
청자 모란 국화무늬 베개 이미지
청자 모란 국화무늬 베개 이미지